About Us

Meet Our Subject Matter Experts

Meet our seasoned and proven entrepreneurs. Each of these individuals is an expert in a different industry. They’ve helped shape the Gro Academy curriculum, and host webinars where they share their best practices, startup successes as well as challenges.

Meet The Gro Team

Our Gro Academy team works to execute on our mission to improve the rate of start up success. These are the members actively working to bring you a full solution for entrepreneurial education, networking, and mentorship on a daily basis.


Serial entrepreneur and innovator with over 15 years of experience of creating and advising transformational businesses. Empowering entrepreneurs to unlock massive potential and launch meaningful new ventures.

Product Manager

Product visionary and problem solver dedicated to empowering future entrepreneurs. Loves new ideas and is driven by new challenges.

Chief Technology Officer

Architect of the Gro Academy platform. Passionate about bringing opportunities to underserved communities and groups.

Content & Community

Message crafter. Guides Gro’s content strategy and creation to impact and inform aspiring entrepreneurs.


Visual and graphic designer dedicated to providing Gro’s users with the best experience possible.

At Grō, our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to dramatically increase the success rate of their new businesses. Our experienced and successful team of proven business builders and entrepreneurs know what it takes to start up and succeed in business, hundreds of times over. Our remote academy is designed to be as accessible as possible, and fit into our user’s schedules, whatever they may be. 

We have even greater strength with our partnership with Loeb.nyc, which has launched and scaled many new businesses. Collectively, our team has created billions of dollars in value, across many industries and markets. At Grō, we’re here to empower you to launch the successful new business you’ve dreamed of and claim your place in the new economy. We live in an unprecedented time, one where 6 million new businesses are started each year. More and more of us are creating our own economic opportunity. We are ALL entrepreneurs, whether we’re freelancers, small business owners, big business owners or startup founders. Let’s shift the rate of startup success by starting up smart together!

Bryan Janeczko-Founder