Validate Your Idea with Gro's
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The Gro Assessment Tool– How It Works

The assessment will help you create the foundation for your business concept in a way that’s easy to articulate to others, especially yourself. You’ll determine the market opportunity, your unique selling proposition, and how you’ll position your idea to the world. Think of this as your blueprint for the business that you want to build.


Go Through the Lessons

Be sure to watch the quick videos and read through the lesson summaries to get the most out of the assessment. 


Complete The Exercises

Use the knowledge gained from the videos and summaries and complete the exercises found in each lesson. If you ever have trouble responding to a question or find yourself needing some inspiration, simply click on the view example button to see a completed exercise.


Get Curated Resources & Guidance

Our team of experienced successful entrepreneurs and advisors tell you exactly what you need to know by curating useful resources specific to each lesson. These include: articles, videos, templates, and other resources.


Receive Your Free Assessment

Upon completion:

  • Receive a customized 1-Page Business Summary to share with friends, family, and potential investors
  • Validation of your idea and a clear understanding of your business concept ​
  • An abundance of knowledge from seasoned successful entrepreneurs who were once in your shoes

Gro provides you with the tools and support necessary to crystalize your idea. The inspirational videos and customized curriculum provided me with the confidence needed to get going. I was able to launch a meaningful business and present my idea with clarity to potential investors and partners. THNKS is now the fastest growing sales enablement and compliance platform in the marketplace.

Brendan Kamm